Silo electrohydraulics

Silo electrohydraulics

Electrohydraulics for silos lifted with a hydraulic servo in the front section of a semi-trailer and optionally with hydraulic supporting arms, based on Feldbinder components.

MHS II Compressors constructs ready-to-use electrohydraulic applications for the silos of a majority of European manufacturers. These are used in the events where standard hydraulics cannot be mounted on a truck-tractor due to lack of space for the hydraulic tank or limited possibility of mounting a double power take-off. Another significant premise for mounting such a solution is when your vehicle fleet includes only trucks fitted for elctrohydraulics

A complete assembly includes:


  • An oil tank of capacity adequate for a given semi-trailer
  • Aluminium cabinet for hydraulic pump with motor
  • Electric control system
  • A system of special block distributor with pressure protection
  • Hydraulic tubing
  • Air tubing
  • NATO-type electric junctions
  • Hydraulic and electric accessories
  • Hydraulic oil

Furthermore, we make hydraulics for movable floors, hydraulics for powering of low-loading semi-trailers and for semi-trailers equipped with Redler conveyors  for transport and discharge of animal feed.  

  • Silo electrohydraulics
  • Silo electrohydraulics
  • Silo electrohydraulics

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