Power take-offs

Power take-off

Power take-off is a key element to be considered when designing each compressor assembly. MHS II Power Hydraulics recommends the application of exclusively original power take-offs selected appropriately for every truck make. Optionally, alternative power take-offs may be provided – not original but more economical to purchase; in this case MHS II Power Hydraulics takes no responsibility whatsoever for such a product, the gear boxes and the vehicle in which a customer commissions mounting this kind of power take-off.
The following parameters have to be taken into account when selecting a power take-off:

Power of the PTO – usually given in [Nm] or [kW]. The power take-off has to chosen so as it would ensure the power supply required for a given compressor, low fuel consumption and adequate capacity of the compressor. Our website and the websites of truck and compressor manufacturers provide the specifications requested for proper selection of a PTO.

Gear ratio – gear ratio of a PTO may be a step-up one (e.g. 1-1.78) or a step-down one (e.g. 1-0.92). In compressors the step-up PTO’s are normally used. For each vehicle we provide the assembly for, we calculate the required rpm for a PTO to ensure that the engine in its exhaust phase works on low, uniform revolutions and the compressor has an appropriate capacity.

Detachment – this is a parameter which defines the position of a PTO flange in respect of the compressor drive with regard to the longitudinal axis of the gear box – usually as the best PTOs are considered those which are well detached to the right when looking ahead the vehicle and as much downwards as possible (sometimes the assembly requires using other detachments). 

  • Power take-off
  • Power take-off


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